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An industry professional reviews NightLift | NightLift


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the ORIGINAL bra and lingerie COLLECTION specifically DESIGNED to PROTECT your BREASTS while you SLEEP

An industry professional reviews NightLift

Emily works with a world class plastic surgeon and coordinates for one of the finest med spas in the country. Here is her Q&A review for the NightLift bra.

  1. How do you like the appearance of the bra?
    It’s a really pretty bra! The black lace over the nude is beautiful! It definitely doesn’t look like a “medical bra”.
  2. Did it fit well? Too small? Too big?
    It ran very true to size. The straps needed some adjusting, but once I figured those out, it laid really nicely.
  3. Was it comfortable? To sleep in?
    I found it very comfortable. I don’t love to sleep in bras, but on nights where I wanted extra support, it was great for that. I also enjoyed it as a bra to wear around the house on weekends and evenings.
  4. Did you like the material it was made of?
    The material was very soft and felt structured enough, wasn’t flimsy.
  5. Will you continue to wear it?
  6. Would you recommend this to a friend or a patient?
  7. What can they do to improve the bra?
    Since I am bigger chested, I love bras that have a wider band around the bottom and have 3 hooks in the back instead of two.
  8. Any other comments?
    Thank you so much!

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