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How To | NightLift


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the ORIGINAL bra and lingerie COLLECTION specifically DESIGNED to PROTECT your BREASTS while you SLEEP

How To

Find Your Size:

NightLift is designed in the USA and the fit is American standard. We suggest that you order your NightLift in the same size as your best fitting day bra. For international size conversions, please refer to our international size conversion chart to find your USA equivalent.

If you are not sure of your size, it’s always a good idea to get fitted professionally or refer to our Measuring Guide below.


BAND SIZE: While wearing your best fitting unlined bra with underwire:

  • Take your measurements around the ribcage, directly under the bust.
  • The measuring tape should lay flat, parallel to the floor and be snug around the body.
Measurement (inches)29-30″31-32″33-34″35-39″39-41″42-43″44-45″

CUP SIZE: While wearing your best fitting unlined bra with underwire:

  • Take your measurement around the fullest part of your bust.
  • Subtract the ribcage measurement.
  • The difference in inches will determine your cup size.
DifferenceCup Size
1″A cup
2″B cup
3″C cup
4″D cup
5″DD cup

ATTENTION: A 6-inch difference means a DDD-cup, a 7-inch difference means an G-cup and a 8-inch difference means an H-cup.

BRA SIZE EXAMPLE: American bra sizes consist of the band measurement followed by the cup size. For example, 34” rib cage and a 37” bust measurement is a 3” difference meaning that the bra size will be a 36C.


Different countries have different bra sizing conventions. If you wear a French, European or Australian bra size, find your NightLift® match below. Also, this is not a list of our available sizes. We have up to 47 sizes and could not list them all. For example, we do not carry A-cup at all but our current largest cup size is H on certain bands. Please visit our online store to view our available sizes for each color and style.

32E (DD)32DD85DD70E10E
32F (DDD)32E85DDD70F10F
34E (DD)34DD90DD75E12E
34F (DDD)34E90DDD75F12F
36E (DD)36DD95DD80E14E
36F (DDD)36E95DDD80F14F
38E (DD)38DD100DD85E16E
38F (DDD)38E100DDD85F16F
38G (DDDD)38F100G85G16G
40E (DD)40DD105DD90E18E
40F (DDD)40E105DDD90F18F
40G (DDDD)40F105G90G18G

Adjust to fit:

The good news is that your NightLift is fully adjustable to conform to what you feel is most comfortable and secure. You can adjust:

  1. Circumferential chest support below your breasts through the conventional horizontal band
  2. Elevation, support and position of each of your individual breasts through 2 unique adjustable sliders (to control outer/lateral and inner/medial mobility)
  3. Firmness and encapsulation of your breasts through a unique J hook design situated above the cup.

Fitting your NightLift® is pretty simple and involves 7 different adjustments.


Hook in back. Your brand new NightLift® should feel snug but not tight on the outermost set of hooks. Adjust the inner and outer vertical straps with the rear sliders to provide you with snug support and security from swaying movement.


If you want ultra-firm support, utilize the J-hook mechanism attached to the straps above each brassiere cup. Simply clip the J-hook to one of the two opposite accompanying rings according to your desired fit.

Wear & care:

You don’t need to wash your NightLift® lingerie (except for the shorts and thongs, of course) after each wearing. But like all bras, the same NightLift® item shouldn’t be worn night after night because the fabric needs to rest and breathe. We recommend alternating at least 3 different NightLift®s.

Wash & dry:

We recommend hand washing your NightLift® bras and sleepwear in a cool water with a mild lingerie cleanser. To dry, NEVER put any NightLift® in the dryer because it will destroy the integrity of the fabric. Instead, air dry on a hanger.

If you absolutely must wash your NightLift® bras and nighties in the washing machine, hook them in back first and put them in a mesh lingerie bag. Gentle cycle, cold water and mild cleanser. Be warned though, the spin cycle does the molded foam cups no favors. Again, hang to air dry on a hanger.

Panties and thongs are a different story. They can easily go into the washing machine in a mesh lingerie bag, warm water, gentle cycle. Always air dry to preserve the fabric and keep its elasticity however.

Hang & store:

Though NightLift® garments are sturdy in their construction, proper storage increases their life and functionality. The best way to store your NightLift® items (aside from boy shorts and thongs which can go in a drawer) is to hang them on a notched hanger. It can even be the one you’ve used for air drying.

If you want to store them in a drawer, make sure the cups maintain their original shape and lay side by side. Do NOT under any circumstances turn one cup inside out and folded into the other.