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FAQs | NightLift


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the ORIGINAL bra and lingerie COLLECTION specifically DESIGNED to PROTECT your BREASTS while you SLEEP


  • Q: What is the difference between NightLift® and B.U.S.T.®?
    A: NightLift® is our sleep support lingerie collection. B.U.S.T.® (an acronym for Bilateral Uplift Support Technology) is our own patented construction system that lifts, separates and stabilizes the breasts so they don’t move while the wearer is lying down. All NightLift® items incorporate B.U.S.T.® engineering in their design.
  • Q: How does NightLift® protect the beauty of the décolletage?
    A: Because a smooth firm cleavage area can be difficult to achieve or maintain for naturally larger busted women (think C cup or bigger) or those with implants. If they habitually sleep on their sides, the stretching and contorting of the tissue doesn’t just stop at the breasts but can score deep wrinkles, folds and lines that can reach all the way up to the neck.
  • Q: Isn’t wearing a bra to sleep uncomfortable?
    A: Comfort is first and foremost on our minds. NightLift® sleep support lingerie is fully breathable, without underwires and with no hardware touching your skin. In fact, many of our customers report that wearing NightLift® is actually more comfortable than wearing nothing at all.
  • Q: What is the best way to wash, dry and store my NightLift® items?
    A: We recommend hand washing your NightLift® bras and sleepwear in a cool water with a mild lingerie cleanser. To dry, NEVER put any NightLift® in the dryer because it will destroy the integrity of the fabric. Instead, air dry on a hanger. The best way to store your NightLift® items (aside from boy shorts and thongs which can go in a drawer) is to hang them on a notched hanger. It can even be the one you’ve used for air drying.
  • Q: Are there going to be new styles and colors available?
    A: Absolutely. We’ll always offer our classic flagship items and then each season rotate in limited editions of fashionable colors and prints.
  • Q: Who is the ideal NightLift® wearer?
    A: All women of all ages and cup sizes can benefit but if maximum sag prevention is on your mind, particularly if you are a C cup or larger, the best time to start wearing NightLift® sleep support is in your late teens or early 20s. That said, most of our customers begin to get serious about sag prevention in their early 30s.
  • Q: Is NightLift® only for natural breasts?
    A: Not at all. NightLift® is effective and beneficial for all types of breasts whether natural or surgically enhanced, reduced or reconstructed. Furthermore, Dr. Haworth actually prescribes NightLift® for all his post-op breast surgery patients to wear after their bandages come off and their bodies are on the mend.
  • Q: I have implants so sagging shouldn’t be a problem, right?
    A: Not right. Gravity still pulls and tissues are still vulnerable to stretching.
  • Q: I wear a 34B cup. Can NightLift® do anything for me?
    A: Yes, even smaller breasted women have ligaments and other tissues that can stretch over time.
  • Q: I’m pregnant. Can I still wear my NightLift® bras?
    A: Absolutely. As you travel through your trimesters, you’ll likely have to go up a size or two but NightLift® will go a long way to keep your bosom comfortable during your body’s maternal transition. Eventually, we plan to introduce a NightLift® nursing bra as well.
  • Q: What if my breasts are already sagging from having three kids? Can NightLift® do anything to help me?
    A: NightLift® sleep support lingerie cannot reverse any stretching and sagging that has already occurred; extreme cases may require breast lift surgery to regain their previous youthful contours. What it can do however, is help prevent further damage from occurring.