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NightCLUB | NightLift


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the ORIGINAL bra and lingerie COLLECTION specifically DESIGNED to PROTECT your BREASTS while you SLEEP
NightCLUB rewards program


NightCLUB® is an exclusive loyalty rewards club for NightLift® customers.

We want you to share your uplifting experience!
Earn rewards when you purchase NightLift® products.
Share your satisfaction by referring others to experience NightLift® and earn additional rewards when they join NightCLUB®.

NightCLUB® member benefits:

  • Referred membership sign up reward

    New referred club members receive a one-time sign-up incentive of $10 off any purchase made in a single transaction (multiple items each earn $10 off. Excludes panties. New members who are not referred will receive $5 off instead.)
  • Frequent buyer reward

    Club memebers that return to the the store within 90 days of their last purchase are eligible for a frequent buyer reward of $10 off any purchase (multiple items each earn $10 off. Excludes panties.)
  • Redeem loyalty points for NightLift® products

  • First to be informed of new products

  • Early notification of offers, promotions and discounts

What are NightCLUB® loyalty points?

NightCLUB® loyalty points are earned by purchasing items from the NightLift® web store.

How many loyalty points are earned for making a purchase?

Purchasing a NightLift® product will earn the following:

  • Panties, Boy Shorts, Thongs = Earn 5 Points For Ea.
  • Bras = Earn 20 Points For Ea.
  • Camisoles & Baby Dolls = Earn 25 Points For Ea.

How many points does it take to redeem a NightLift® product?

NightLift® products may be redeemed at the following rates:

  • Panties, Boy Shorts, Thongs = 20 Points For Ea.
  • Bras = 100 Points For Ea.
  • Camisoles & Baby Dolls = 120 Points For Ea.

How are points earned through referrals?

Share your exclusive referral code with friends, family and anyone else you want. All they need to do is sign up for NightCLUB® using your referral code. Once they start making purchases, you earn points!

What if someone referred me? Do I earn points?

YES! Not only do you earn your own loyalty reward points, the person who referred you does as well. It's a win-win and we hope it encourages you to share your referral code!