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DivaGals Talk About How NightLift Can Keep Your Boobs Perky | NightLift


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the ORIGINAL bra and lingerie COLLECTION specifically DESIGNED to PROTECT your BREASTS while you SLEEP

DivaGals Talk About How NightLift Can Keep Your Boobs Perky

HOW – To Keep Your Boobs Perky
By The Diva Gals – March 19th 2015


We DivaGals love our boobs.

Big or small, round or pointy — we’re not afraid to showcase them (in the appropriate setting!).

What we don’t like is the sagging that inevitably happens with age. Is there anything that can help slow down the process so our boobs can still defy gravity, just like the gorgeous Halle Berry?

Dr. Randal Haworth, a renowned plastic surgeon, is the creator of NightLift, a collection of undergarments designed to help protect our boobs while we snooze!

Why do our breasts start to sag?

The female breast is not made of muscle but only of skin, ligaments and breast tissue. Consequently, there are no exercises available to strengthen the soft tissue of the breast to resist the effects of gravity. The skin and ligaments of the breast are like a spring with a weight at the end which, if left unsupported, eventually lead to irreversible stretching of the spring itself. If your breasts are left unsupported during the day, your breasts may eventually become long and narrow with the nipples pointing downwards. Gravity continues to play havoc upon the springs and ligaments of your breast when you are lying down.

Even when you’re horizontal? How?

Instead of being pulled downwards, your breasts shift upwards towards your collarbone and laterally into your armpit area. When continuously unsupported in this position, the breasts becomes wider and flatter. This leads to volume loss in the upper pole of your breasts even though your nipples still point upwards. An additional problem surfaces during side-sleeping. The top breast falls onto the lower contributing to the formation of vertical wrinkles in décolletage. It is only logical that supporting your breasts while you sleep will help protect your breasts from becoming this way.

What can we do to combat this?

The answer is B.U.S.T.® (bilateral uplift support technology) which is our patented support system incorporated into every NightLift brassiere. It took my research team over five years and 47 prototypes to create this revolutionary bra which manages to provide incredible support without uncomfortable underwires or compression. In essence, it is a product embodying the ultimate marriage of support and comfort with beautiful design.

What are the benefits to wearing your collection?

Like good habits, beautiful breasts start young. A balanced lifestyle is essential to good health, attractive appearance and self-confidence. One of the keys to a balanced lifestyle is self-discipline and healthy habits to prevent problems before they arise. Such habits include regular exercise, daily dental care and breast support. If worn at an early age, not only may NightLift prevent breast sagging in the first place but it may also halt its progression if sagging has set in already. Additionally NightLift can slow or stop wrinkle formation in your décolletage. Interestingly, several of our customers have reported that their breasts have started to look better when they take off their NightLift in the morning. Obviously, this is something we are excited about and we are currently investigating this in a more formal fashion.

Are the NightLift styles dowdy or sexy?

NightLift can’t look any other way but the way it does, which happens to be sexy and on trend. This is a classic case where form follows function

We’re hooked! Where can we get one?

The NightLift lingerie collection has only been available for two months. It is available online at and select specialty lingerie stores with prices starting at $98 for the brassiere to $120 for the Nightie NightLift babydoll and camisole.

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