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Nightlift Launches a Range of Lingerie Based on Patented Technology Designed to Enhance Breast Aesthetic Wellness | NightLift


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the ORIGINAL bra and lingerie COLLECTION specifically DESIGNED to PROTECT your BREASTS while you SLEEP

Nightlift Launches a Range of Lingerie Based on Patented Technology Designed to Enhance Breast Aesthetic Wellness

Los Angeles, California–(Newsfile Corp. – September 12, 2022) – US-based firm, Nightlift, has unveiled its scientifically-backed double-patented series of lingerie items, which have been created to offer improved breast support when sleeping. In doing so, Nightlift is setting out to tackle the variety of health and cosmetic issues that can arise as a result of either sleeping with a traditional bra, or alternatively, without any level of support.

Since 2020, the frequency of breast-based cosmetic surgery procedures has increased by 48%. This rise in popularity contributed towards Americans spending more than $14 billion dollars on plastic surgery in 2021.

The creative team behind Nightlift are aware of the burgeoning demand for these procedures, and the resulting cost, and are subsequently aiming to reduce the need for them in the first place. The most common form of cosmetic procedure worldwide is breast augmentation; Nightlift is setting out to help women improve the way in which they take care of their breasts, in the hope that this can in turn reduce the desire for surgery.

Nightlift’s range of lingerie incorporates patented Bilateral Uplift Support Technology – aptly abbreviated to ‘B.U.S.T.’ – which reduces the gravitational pressure being felt by the breasts at night. Daytime bras are designed to protect them against vertical pull of gravity when standing up: however during the night, when lying down, the gravitational pull is lateral. This means that regular bras are not providing sufficient overnight support.

The firm’s unique technology integrates a specialized design that stabilizes and uplifts the breasts, so that they don’t move when sleeping. This is facilitated through the lingerie’s cradle-shaper outer slings, which provide support for each breast, both from the center and laterally. In addition to this, the multi-layered foam cup design has been bolstered with embedded stabilizers, along with a pair of J-hooks on each side, which enables the wearer to customize the level of support. Senior members of the Nightlift team underline that the objective is to help prevent women’s breasts from sagging over time, and to stop their décolletage from creasing, both of which are regularly treated via cosmetic surgery.

After going through 48 prototypes and developing a range of fits designed to accommodate women of every shape and size, Nightlift settled on a model that aims to strike a balance between comfort, appearance and function.

Dr. Randal Haworth, founder of Nightlift, concludes, “Through my twenty-plus years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon, I noticed a pattern. Women that were sleeping in a bra often had a higher, firmer bust-line and smoother cleavage compared to those that slept without one. However, due to underwiring and a lack of specialized support, these bras were not comfortable. Through Nightlift, we’ve created lingerie that achieves the best of all worlds, by providing great, targeted support and high levels of comfort, without sacrificing the overall aesthetic of the items.”

Nightlift is offering its range of lingerie in a variety of forms, including the Original Cradle Cup Nightlift Bra, the Nightlift Cradle Cup Cami and the Nightie Nightlift.

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