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NightLift Sleep Bra Promises to Prevent Sagging While You Sleep | NightLift


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the ORIGINAL bra and lingerie COLLECTION specifically DESIGNED to PROTECT your BREASTS while you SLEEP

NightLift Sleep Bra Promises to Prevent Sagging While You Sleep



A new bra designed to prevent your breasts from sagging and wrinkling seems like it could be a total game changer… and also a little uncomfortable. Created by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth, the NightLift bra promises to keep your boobs looking perky and young. So what’s the catch? In order for it to work its magic, you have to wear the bra every night while you sleep.

Per the Daily Mail, the surgeon first came up with the idea in 2008 after noticing a pattern among patients, in which those who slept in their bras seemed to have firmer breasts than those who didn’t. Over the next six years, he developed almost 50 different prototypes to find the type of technology that would provide equally powerful support for each breast.

The way Haworth describes it, NightLift essentially works as “a bra for each breast as opposed to a bra for a pair of breasts.” The bra boasts sling-style cups that cradle each breast and keep them separate in order to avoid putting pressure on either side, regardless of your sleeping position. NightLift has no wiring, and is made of foam and soft microfibers. It also has an extra pair of J-hooks so that the straps can be adjusted in seven different places, according to its wearer’s preference.

Another catch? According to Haworth, the bra won’t work if you’ve already experienced sagging and wrinkling, and instead is only effective as a preventative tool. Though the bra aims to keep the aging process at bay overnight, Haworth claims some of the product’s test wearers also use it as their go-to undergarment during the day too (which seems like overkill to me, but then again, so does this whole product).

The NightLift sleep bra will reportedly launch next month in three designs: the $98 bra, the $120 Cami, and the $120 Nightie, available in standard bra sizes in either black, nude, or lace over nude.

While I understand the desire to keep your boobs looking as great as possible, the effort of wearing a bra every night just does not seem worth it to me. It’s one thing to wear bras to bed for personal reasons of comfort, but if you’re like me and can’t even sleep with socks on, donning a bra to make your chest look more appealing just seems wholly unnecessary. Aging and gravity catches up to everybody eventually, regardless of what kind of contraption you strap on your boobs. You might as well just enjoy those bra-free nights, potential sagginess be damned.

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