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Spring into Spring! Give yourself the gift of naturally lifted breasts in just 3 weeks with the Nightlift Bra! | NightLift


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the ORIGINAL bra and lingerie COLLECTION specifically DESIGNED to PROTECT your BREASTS while you SLEEP

Spring into Spring! Give yourself the gift of naturally lifted breasts in just 3 weeks with the Nightlift Bra!

By: Juliann Newton

Spring into Spring! Give yourself the gift of naturally lifted breasts in just 3 weeks without surgery, by sleeping nightly wearing The Nightlift Bra, created by top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth MD.

You know how some products are nothing hype? The Nightlift Bra is NOT just a bunch of hype! I have been wearing mine since October 2017, and my breasts are perkier AND my cleavage is creaseless! I LOVE it!

Juliann Newton I wear my Nightlift Bra to bed every night. It is so comfortable to sleep in and it keeps my breasts separated so that I will never develop that awful age revealing ‘chest crease.’ In fact after wearing this bra to bed for three months, my breasts look and feel much younger! I had breast fed four children, so my ‘girls’ needed as much help as possible!

Created by top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Randal Haworth MD, the ground breaking, sexy and super comfortable NightLift® bra ($99 retail) is perfect for all women with no time or inclination for breast surgery.

Recently featured on the Rachael Ray show here:, The NightLift bra is specifically designed to lift and protect the breasts during sleep and is wireless with 270° support that actually works.

The Nightlift bra is the only product to receive two patents for its unique composition and is about to receive a third. It is no wonder that the NightLift bra has become a favorite of everyone from Halle Berry to Chelsea Handler, Lisa Rinna, Tori Spelling and more. Take a look at the latest on the site: and see the difference the bra makes here:

Expert plastic surgeon Dr. Haworth, is the CEO of The Haworth Institute which provides both surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures employing the latest RF and laser technology for removal of both hair as well as wrinkles, skin tightening and appearance.

He is available to comment on all aspects of plastic surgery including lip and breast augmentation, neck and face lifts, eyelid and nose surgery and wrinkle removal.

“Running a busy plastic surgical practice is very demanding to say the least. What is particularly challenging is to remain on point at all times. This involves not only creating beautiful results in the very competitive environment of Beverly Hills but also to screen out a sizable number of people seeking unrealistic results and those with problematic personality disorders. Believe me, in this day and age driven by media and litigation, hiring the wrong employee or operating on a patient wanting surgery for all the wrong reasons can be disastrous” he says.

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