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Keeping up with Coco, NightLift Bra Review | NightLift


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the ORIGINAL bra and lingerie COLLECTION specifically DESIGNED to PROTECT your BREASTS while you SLEEP

Keeping up with Coco, NightLift Bra Review

NightLift reached out to me to see if I was interested in testing out their NightLift nighttime sleep bra by Dr. Randal Haworth. Here is what the website says about the NightLift “Developed by renowned plastic surgeon Randal Haworth, MD, FACS, NightLift® is the first and only sleepwear collection specifically designed to protect the breasts and décolletage during sleep. It does this by helping prevent breast sagging and drooping over time by keeping the breasts perfectly immobile (but always in total comfort).”

I have to admit, I was very skeptical when I was reading all of the benefits of this bra. How can one bra do all of these beneficial things?

Well, once I received the NightLift the first thing I noticed was how incredibly soft it was and that put me at ease. I was worried it wouldn’t be soft enough for me to wear comfortably to bed. That was just the first thing I was wrong about. I then was worried about the size and all the crazy straps I was seeing thinking they would dig into my skin. After putting it on (I would highly recommend clipping it and then stepping into it if that is possible for you) I was proven wrong again. The fit was perfect and I highly recommend following the fitting guide on the website and the straps are completely customizable. You can tighten here, loosen there and get your perfect fit. Now it was time for me to put the bra to the test. Was it comfortable enough to wear overnight and in weeks to come would I be able to see a difference?

Well, all the claims were true and the results speak for themselves. I obviously can’t show before and after photos but I do see a difference, trust me on this one. Sleeping with the NightBra five days a week for three weeks made a difference for me and I can only imagine the difference it will make if I continue to wear it and be consistent.

I would highly highly recommend this bra for all women, you can be any size and this will work for you. I can assure you once you receive your NightLift you will understand and get it and will no longer be skeptical. Also, NightLift and Dr. Randal Haworth say the best time to do something like this and wear a NightLift bra is your late teens and early twenties.

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