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NIGHTLIFT: bra created to be worn during sleep | NightLift


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the ORIGINAL bra and lingerie COLLECTION specifically DESIGNED to PROTECT your BREASTS while you SLEEP

NIGHTLIFT: bra created to be worn during sleep


By Sibilintimate

DESIGNED by a plastic surgeon to support breasts that would otherwise sag or wrinkle during sleep, a new bra named Nightlift is to be launched commercially in the US this month. It is based on the experience of Dr Randal Haworth who noticed that women who regularly wear a bra to sleep have a higher and firmer bust-line and smoother cleavage than those who do not. The new unwired bra features cradle-shaped outer wings that support each breast from every angle and an extra pair of J-hooks that allow straps to be adjusted in seven places for a snugger fit. Dr Haworth explained that a daytime bra is better than nothing when worn in bed but does not prevent the breasts from falling to the side when the wearer lies on her back or sideways. The Nightlift bra is to be launched in three style, priced from USD 98 to USD 120.

Whether really effective or not, the concept of a specially designed night-time bra promises to appeal to all of the many women who habitually sleep in their bra. But sales of such bras will reach significant volume only when they become more affordable.

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